Making a big financial decision can be daunting, but Honda Federal Credit Union is here to offer a lending hand. Whether it's figuring out what your monthly payment would be on that car or home you want, or determining what it would take to save for your child's college education, our free financial calculators will help guide your decision-making process. As with all tools, we provide them as a guide but we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Because helping you take comfort in knowing that you've made the right decision for you is what we’re here for.

Auto Loan Calculators
Calculator - Should I Purchase or Lease  Should I Purchase or Lease?
Calculator - What Will My Car Payment Be  What Will My Car Payment Be?
Calculator - When a Rebate is Better than a Low-Rate Auto Loan  When a Rebate is Better than a Low-Rate Auto Loan?

Mortgage Loan Calculators
Calculator - Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage  Do I want a Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
Calculator - Monthly Mortgage Payment  What Will My Monthly Mortgage Payment Be?

Budgeting Calculators
Calculator - Budget Blueprint  Budget Blueprint
Calculator - Debt-to-Income Ratio  Debt-to-Income Ratio
Calculator - Pay Off Credit Card Debt  How Can I Pay Off Credit Card Debt?
Calculator - Inflation Affect Prices  How Does Inflation Affect Prices?
Calculator - Pay Off Debt or Save  Should I Pay Off Debt or Save?
Calculator - Cost of Borrowing From Your 401k  The Cost of Borrowing From Your 401(k)
Calculator - What Is My Net Worth  What Is My Net Worth?
Calculator - Pay Off My Balance  What Will It Take to Pay Off My Balance?
Calculator - Cut Back My Spending  What's It Worth to Cut Back My Spending?
Calculator - Credit Quotient  What's Your Credit Quotient?

Savings Calculators
Calculator - Checkbook Up-to-Date  Keep Your Checkbook Up-to-Date
Calculator - Save for a College Education  What Will It Take to Save for a College Education?

Retirement Calculators
Calculator - Calculate Your Retirement Needs  How to Calculate Your Retirement Needs

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