Audrey Automated Teller

Audrey is a toll-free telephone transaction service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is a touch-tone telephone and your personal Access Code, and you can handle many of your credit union transactions at home, work or wherever you are. Simply call 1-800-634-6632 (1-800-63-Honda).

Call Audrey to:

  • Verify current account balances
  • Verify which checks have cleared
  • Get the amount of your last payroll deposit
  • Make a credit card or loan payment
  • Transfer funds from one account to another
  • Reorder checks
  • Request a check stop payment
  • Request a check copy or Request a withdrawal by check
  • Obtain current rates on loans and deposits

How To Use Audrey:

  1. Call 1-800-634-6632 (1-800-63-Honda) from a touch-tone telephone and press 1.
  2. After the greeting, enter your account number followed by #. (Your account number is usually your social security number followed by a zero). Check your statement to verify your account number.
  3. Enter your access code followed by #. Your Audrey access code is not the same number as your ATM PIN. If you do not know your access code, call the credit union to obtain a temporary one that will allow you immediate access. Then as soon as you go into Audrey, change your access code.
  4. Follow Audrey's directions to get the information you want. Audrey often will require you enter a # to authorize a change/transfer/withdrawal. Please listen closely to her requests for verification.

Two ways to use Audrey :

There are two different modes that Audrey operates in for you to choose from:

  1. Menu Mode
  2. Expert Mode

If you are calling Audrey for the first time, you will be in the Menu Mode. In Menu Mode, Audrey will prompt you with options every step of the way. This is by far the easiest way to use Audrey. You do not have to wait for Audrey to complete her instructions to issue a command through your telephone keypad.

The Expert Mode provides you with little verbal assistance, and is intended for advanced users. However, Audrey gives you the flexibility to choose a different way of interacting with her. Make changes as you go along. If you prefer to use the Expert Mode, (in Expert Mode you simply enter the 2 digit service code for the transaction or inquiry you wish to complete, followed by #) enter the following codes:

  1. Press 7 Additional Options
  2. Press 2 Change Preferences
  3. Press 2 Change to Expert Mode
  4. Press 1 and then #. Enter the service code for your inquiry or request followed by #

Balance Inquiries
10 Account Balance
11 Savings Balance
12 Checking Balance
13 Loan Balance
14 Savings and Checking Summary
15 Loan Summary
16 Account Balance on a Specific Date
17 Loan Balance on a Specific Date
18 Loan Advance Total

History Inquiries
21 Check Clearance
22 Last Payroll Deposit
23 Last Deposit
24 Deposit History
25 Savings and Checking History
26 Loan History
27 Loan Payment Inquiry
28 Loan Payoff Estimate

30 Account to Account Transfer
31 Savings to Checking Transfer
32 Checking to Savings Transfer
33 Loan to Savings Transfer
34 Loan to Checking Transfer
35 Savings to Loan Transfer
36 Checking to Loan Transfer
37 Account to Loan Transfer
38 Loan to Account Transfer

41 Savings Withdrawal
42 Checking Withdrawal
43 Loan Withdrawal
44 Account Withdrawal

20 Stop Payment Request
54 Checking Reorder Request
55 Check Copy Request

60 Recent ACH Transactions
61 Recent ATM Transactions
62 Recent Check Clearings
63 Recent Loan Payments
64 Recent Payroll Transactions
65 Miscellaneous Inquiry

Year-To-Date Information
71 IRA Contributions
72 Interest Earned
73 Interest Paid

Additional Options
91 Rate List
92 Help
96 Inquire On Another Account
97 Change to Menu Mode
98 Change Access Code
99 Goodbye

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If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please call 800-634-6632 for assistance. Also, all products, services and information available on this website are also available at any of our physical branches, where we would be happy to assist you further.
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